Varney Agency

383 US Route One
Scarborough, ME 04074

Phone: View Phone Number207-947-8637

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Company Description:

The Varney Agency brings a unique surety underwriting expertise to the table, with over 50 years of experience.  That expertise will help make sure your first steps to establish a surety program are the right steps.  As you grow, our deep understanding of the construction industry equates to an uncanny ability to solve problems. Not just problems that may arise with a surety underwriter but identifying issues that may arise before they become a problem. 

Bond Type(s): 
Commercial - AG Dealer
Commercial - Auto Dealer
Commercial - Customs
Commercial - Fuel Tax
Commercial - License and Permit
Commercial - Maritime
Commercial - Mortgage Broker
Commercial - Notary Public
Commercial - Oil & Gas
Commercial - Other Energy
Commercial - Performance
Commercial - Public Official
Commercial - Reclamation
Commercial - Release of Lien
Commercial - Subdivision
Commercial - Title
Commercial - Utility
Commercial - Warehouse
Commercial - Workers Compensation
Commercial - Other
Contract - Construction Bid
Contract - Construction Payment
Contract - Construction Performance
Contract - Construction Warranty/Maintenance
Court - Appeals
Court - Executor
Court - Guardianship
Court - Injunction
Court - Other
Fidelity - Commercial Crime
Fidelity - Employee Dishonesty
Fidelity - ERISA
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