Viking Bond Service, Inc.

22601 N. 19th Ave.,
Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: View Phone Number623-933-9334
Fax: View Fax Number623-933-9376
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number1-888-2-SURETY 1-888-278-7389

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Company Description:

Viking Bond Service, Inc. was formed in 2002 as a surety bond-only agency providing bonds of all types from coast to coast. Most surety bonds can be approved on a same day basis. Clients with credit issues are generally also able to obtain surety bond quotes as we have access to nearly all surety companies in the nation. Viking Bond Service, Inc. also offers access to nearly all Contract Bond markets in the United States. We have a specialized team for Contract Performance Bonds. This includes Bid Bonds, Performance & Payment Bonds, Subdivision Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Warranty Bonds and Reclamation Bonds. We have a dedicated Contract Bond Department for all contract bonds to include infrastructure rebuilding contracts of all sizes.

With nearly twenty years of history in bonding clients of all sizes, and surety bonds of all types, Viking Bond Service is your go-to, one-stop-shop for all types and amounts of surety bonds. Viking Bond Service maintains an A+ Rating with the BBB and strives to provide the best service in the industry.

Bond Type(s): 
Commercial - AG Dealer
Commercial - Auto Dealer
Commercial - Customs
Commercial - Fuel Tax
Commercial - License and Permit
Commercial - Maritime
Commercial - Mortgage Broker
Commercial - Notary Public
Commercial - Oil & Gas
Commercial - Other Energy
Commercial - Performance
Commercial - Public Official
Commercial - Reclamation
Commercial - Release of Lien
Commercial - Subdivision
Commercial - Title
Commercial - Utility
Commercial - Warehouse
Commercial - Workers Compensation
Commercial - Other
Contract - Construction Bid
Contract - Construction Payment
Contract - Construction Performance
Contract - Construction Warranty/Maintenance
Court - Appeals
Court - Executor
Court - Guardianship
Court - Injunction
Court - Other
Fidelity - Commercial Crime
Fidelity - Employee Dishonesty
Fidelity - ERISA
Michael J. Herranen President View Phone Numberext 6701
Elliot Storch CSR View Phone Numberext 7254
Karrie Cosson CSR View Phone Numberext 6209
Samantha Moore CSR View Phone Numberext 6705
Tammi Langlois Producer, Fidelity Specialist View Phone Numberext 7261
Thomas Buckner Executive Vice President View Phone Numberext 6702
Cynthia Cooper Contract and Commerical Bond Producer View Phone Numberext 2982
William Belpedio Vice President View Phone Numberext 6700
Ashley Huston Renewal Specialist View Phone Numberext 8189
Michelle Gott Renewal Specialist View Phone Numberext 9200
Sara McNeill Operations Manager View Phone Numberext 6703
Jennifer Pixler Clerical Department Manager View Phone Numberext 9389
Elizabeth Lambert Clerical Administrator View Phone Numberext 9340
Belle Neely Clerical Receptionist View Phone Numberext 3534
Michele Faucett-Yzbicki Clerical Receptionist View Phone Numberext 6330